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Riihimäen (?) Cased Vase w/ Moulded Concentric Ring Base


Picked this up a few months back in a job-lot of glass from Denmark. Have a feeling it might be by Riihimäen, but cannot track it down on Designlasi or similar sites.

The blue is good for the factory, and I know a few designs had bases with concentric circles - but not usually quite so pronounced (as far as I've seen).

It's 165x90mm (HxW), and finished to the top with a cut and chamfered rim.

Any help gratefully received.

Doesn't look like Riihimäen Lasi to me, sorry. 
I only agree about the colour but the circles are different and I have never seen this design.

Thanks for looking, and for your input.

I wonder, then, if Åseda might be a possibility...?


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