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Pink Pressed Banana Bowl



Banana Bowl ? well I believe thats what the Americans call these in EAPG

Pamela may be able to ID See here Glass Museum here
Glen is also incredibly knowedgable on pressed glass.

I am interested because I have a mystery bowl with exactly this base rim in this topic,1284.0.html

Interesting piece, Peter, but I'm afraid I don't know who made it. I can, however, add some information and thoughts to the topic of the Banana Boat shape.

For Carnival collectors, an oval bowl (footed or flat based) is often called a banana boat. However, contemporary ads from the early 1900s show that the items were certainly not called that when they were made. Oval bowl, fruit bowl and so on, but not banana bowl.

Another term for the shape of the piece on the ebay auction you showed is "Two Sides Up" (and yes, there are also shapes that are called "One Side Up" and "Three Sides Up"  :lol: ).

I wrote a short article about the Banana Boat shape a few years ago. I'll post it on my website for anyone who is interested. I'll put the link here as soon as I have done it.


Brought to you at the speed of light....... :lol:  :lol:

Here's my article about the Banana Boat shape. I'll add photos as soon as I get the chance.


Oohh very interesting, thanks Glen, I've been wondering about bananas boats/bowls for a while. I have one with a pattern of roses that I cannot pin down - it's quite big and weighty, but no clues as to maker or age, sadly:


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