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Some New Buys - Riihimaki, Magnor, Jane Charles

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I realised I have not done a ‘Some new buys’ post for a while

I buy quite expensive glass like a lot of members on the board, passion doth empty the pockets. However, I also love to bargain hunt when I can, car booting and charity shops. This is a mixture of medium priced items and bits that cost £0.50p

This Riihimaki bowl is lovely and was £0.30p in a charity shop – it has the original sticker which tells me it is new – but how new?

I was amazed to find this quite cheaply made glass box in a heart shape was etched Tiffany and has what looks like a hand engraved signature – anyone know about these? Inexpensive at a car boot sale

This looks the part as is real heavy – A perfume bottle by Jane Charles cost a fair bit, are they still making this particular model or has it been withdrawn (no reply from website)

This is a lovely bowl 8.5” long etched ‘Magnor’ to base, know a bit about the company and this seems 1970s – not expensive in a local shop

I love this as without the sticker I would never have thought Canada. Shows they made stuff in same style as much Murano and Czech, anyone know the maker – partial label

Last but not least I probably paid too much for this – but I love it! 8.5” tall in clear glass to base evolving into a lovely green mid way. Two main trailed handles and then trailed decoration from base up – polished base with a lot of age. I thought it may be Italian, but it could be good 60s Czech – anyone know?


Adam P

I was just looking at my shelves - all stacked up and there is a layer of Monart, Chance, Monart, Chance like a sandwich.

Many people would say ahhh get the Monart away from the cheap Chance glass - but all glass was created equal in my lovely glass room :D

Just as much care and design went into some cheaper pieces (We have found this out through David's excellent Chance website) as it did the more expensive.

I love one off creations but the mass produced sometimes gives design a time and place.

I also find that more time and care went into the mass produced in the 50s & 60s than does today.

I find this even with expensive things! I have a Seguso bunny from 70s and bought and modern companion in Italy recently - WOW - the lack of definition and skill is amazing – I must post this at some point LOL

Adam P

Canada = Chalet Glass

Cathy B:
A great website on Chalet:

Thanks Ed / Cathy

Great website - I can see my shape

It is very beautiful glass with an amazing sparkle to it, so varied

Adam P


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