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Some New Buys - Riihimaki, Magnor, Jane Charles

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Some lovely things there Adam - you had some serious bargains by the looks of it!  I particularly like your turquoise vase with the glass blobs on the side - sorry I can't help with IDing any of them.

I was thinking the signature on the Tiffany piece might be Elsa Peretti, who is their silver jewellery designer.  I'll have a look at a piece of my (slightly jewellery later and see it the sig matches up.  :wink:


Jane Charles is a contemporary Scottish glass artist. Her creations are all one-off pieces, although she may make pefume bottles in similar styles. She exhibits regularly at the Strathearn Gallery in Crieff, and at the Scottish Glass Society Exhibition. She make blanks for Julia Linstead who is an engraver.

glass box in a heart shape
presumably top quality crystal  :?:  Looks good for 70s VSL  :roll:
But try as I might I can't make the signature to be that  :cry:
so Van *********  :?:
a search on "van" or "val" + "crystal" brings up nothing but it's interesting to see what they are up to.  
Sadly designers + makers are mostly UN-credited.
 :cry: Heart+crystal brings ............... a cobalt or red glass heart paperweight
..........hmmm styling looks v similar  :roll:
OMG found it: Elsa Peretti - Bingo !

Here she is photographed by Helmut Newton in 1975

and about her here

More on her as a style icon + slideshow

we still don't know thw maker though  :cry:
Damn ! I just saw Max's post  :evil:

Peter said:
--- Quote ---we still don't know thw maker though  
Damn ! I just saw Max's post
--- End quote ---

Try and keep up, eh?  :P  :twisted:  :wink:


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