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Sommerso Basket w/ sig. and date? Any help Appreciated!


Weekend find from bottom corner of a box of junk Tupperware and misc. kitchen tools.

Looks Murano to me, but who?

Cranberry to clear color with white outline/accent on handles and base.

Basket is about 4 1/2" tall and wide. I checked the MGF's *Murano glass label library* with no luck on signature.  I  can't really "read" either one, except for the "58", which I assume is the year it was made.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the piece and guessing one sig. is the glass house and the other the artist. IDK.

Thanks in advance!

Awwww bless you - Flygsfors Coquille from 1958. Nice find!

Wow, that was fast! Time for some googlin'.......thanks!

If you google Flygsfors coquille, the first image that shows up looks like your basket. (I didn't enlarge, though.) Looks like we need to switch this thread over to Scandinavian.


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