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I purchased this small (3 1/2") amber pitcher with a clear, attached handle at a garage sale about 5 years ago.  It has a nice, hefty weight and I believe it is hand blown.  Here are a couple photos:


The amber color is not consistent, there are some swirls of other shades, and there are very tiny, almost invisible "indents" in the vase body.

any help id'ing the period, value, where to find more info?


Hiya, I not long ago sold a similar crackle amberina pitcher (about the same size).  It was by Kanawha, an American company (in competition at the time with Blenko, Pilgrim etc) and dated from the 1960's - it's possible yours is also Kanawha but I'm no expert - just something for you to consider.

Will check out Kanawha - BTW, no crackle in this


Have you checked it with a UV light (black light), looks to me like it might glow a very bright fluorescent green - in which case it's uranium glass. The markings are possibly mold marks, from the surface of the mold that is. Has it got any seam marks? Can we see it against a white background?


Here they are against go with the UV test

I think Kanawha is what they are after doing more research

Tecnogrrl [/img]


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