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Scottish Arts & Crafts enameled bowl H Walton as in Kelvin Grove Museum .


I am selling my beautiful and rare Glasgow girls bowls  that were discussed on GMB several years ago
they may seem expensive but the three I have listed recently all sold within  couple of hours at my buy now price , I have never ever seen any of these on ebay before . just  click the blue globe to view .  :) :D ;) ;D where is that Devil smiley ?

Kelvingrove is one word, johnphillip.
I don't know if using it would help your potential customers find your auction, but it might.
I would think a fair few folk would be doing internet searches on Kelvingrove Museum, if they were, your auction might turn up in them.

The very good ORREFORS finishes  tonight and the gorgeous air twist glass also .


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