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Kosta LH 1304 Fish Vase


I've looked everywhere trying to find info on this vase, Kosta LH 1304 which should be around 1957. 12" height, 4" diameter, shaped like a large fish. Scandi books I have do not list it & nothing I can find on line which is a bit unusual when it comes to Lindstrand. Signature block was difficult to get a great photo of as its faint & hand applied. Any info as to where I may find anything is appreciated. Thanks

it's not in "Swedish Glass factories", but that's not too unusual.

I've found two others on line:

same signature and dimensions, look genuine to me.


Gareth...very much appreciated as I could find nothing about this one in the Swedish Glass Factories either & nothing on line using Kosta Lindstrand 1304 Fish Vase. Frankly I gave $35 for it because I knew from the date code it was 1957-58 as I only look around for earlier Lindstrand although I am not exactly convinced that published date codings for Kosta Lindstrand are accurate when they state the Kosta Lindstrand date code series started in 1955-56 beginning with 1001 because I have had in the past two Kosta LS pieces in the 600s that were done in 1953 & these were confirmed by an advanced Swedish collector although it did take (seriously) a year to find that out & that gentleman did it as a favor for Kosta U.S. management & they simply relayed the info to me. Thanks again. Ken

Date codings for LH items start at 1001 LU 2004 LG 101 & LS 501 all from 1955 catalogue :)

The addition of the word Sweden concerns me somewhat - it doesn't look very well inscribed.

I can't tell from the photo does the vase have a polished pontil or is it a straight flat base?

The pontil is polished, however this is seriously a very, very poorly designed vase as its (1) heavy, (2) its a full 12" height & lastly (3) the base is only 2" diameter (and barely that) with the polished recessed pontil being 1 1/4" diameter within the 2" base so the wording top heavy does not do it justice because the actual surface contact area of the base is a roughly a 1/2" diameter circle. You can simply brush against it lightly & the piece will topple over & I imagine it was discontinued rather quickly due to this poor top heavy design which certainly would have lead to many a broken mess...I cannot adequately convey how unstable this piece is, but if you ever encounter one you will see for yourself. If it were ground flat, well that would at least help the  instability issue although I am not at all certain it would solve it as top heavy it is.

As for the word "Sweden", I've encountered it before in pieces in the 1956-58 year range with the appropriate number sequence as published, but infrequently/sporadic so I assume the practice was a hit & miss deal that was discontinued or maybe it was added to pieces imported to the U.S. at this time in the 50s, that I do not know. Thanks for your help.


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