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Glass Catalogues from West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd.


Found this on Ebay they include a 1940 Josef Inwald catalogue which I bought via PDF but they have many other catalogues available. Just thought other members might be interested. Quote from their listing
'This monograph is a part of a much larger project to place glass information not in archival storage boxes but in the hands of students, collectors, and dealers in glass. Only by sharing can we make the necessary leaps in learning, as we all bring some piece of the puzzle. The West Virginia Museum of American Glass (WVMAG), a non-profit organization, is committed to sharing glass information and from that conviction this Monograph Series was born.'

Fuhrman Glass:
These people have been doing immense amounts of work to preserve all things related to glass and make it all accessible to anyone who has an interest. I have sold them immense amounts of literature/brochures/catalogs/photos, etc. relating to both factory and studio glass worldwide. Next to the Rakow Library at Corning, I think they may be one of the biggest treasures for glass history. They acquired all the archives from The American Flint Glass Workers Union a couple of years ago. It was over a semi load full going back over 100 years. I commend them and have tried to support them every way I can. 


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