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S. Reich 1934 trinket tray.

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Paul S.:
Very deco looking pattern  -  in uranium with satin surface finish.          I can't see a Reich catalogue and this information comes from Pamela's pressglas-pavillon site, which describes this as being from the 1934 catalogue  -  so a big thank you to Pamela, as usual. ;D          Is there an easily accessable cataloge for this factory??  -  I may have missed it somewhere.                  I have used the torch, and it does glow.

If anyone would like to use this picture, they're more than welcome. :)

Pattern 9009, Paul, and one I don't yet have on GTS, so I'll add your pic if I may?

Paul S.:
thanks for the pattern No. Anne  -  and yes, please do add to the GTS :)

This is the rest of the set (one small trinket pot missing). It also comes with shorter candlesticks  ;D Anne you may use these pics too if you want

That's super, thanks Angela. :)


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