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S. Reich 1934 trinket tray.

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Some more pic's for you Anne  :)

Here are some more sets for reference.

A set in unfrosted green uranium glass, and with the pattern 9009 short candlesticks with horizontal ribbing or rings all the way up the stem as on page 64 of the Reich 1934 musterbuch at
and on Pamela’s site at

A set (lacking the large lidded trinket pot) in unfrosted blue glass.

A set in frosted blue (that looks to be of a slightly different hue to the unfrosted blue set) but lacking one of the small lidded trinket pots. This has the taller candlesticks as in Angela’s set (with horizontal ribs or rings at the top of the stem and vertical ribs below), and sports a ringholder rather than a pin dish. The ringholder seems to be in a  compatible style and is the same frosted blue colour as the other pieces, so I assume that it is a correctly-matched piece (but I’m sure someone will let me know if it is a mismatched piece).
(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB granted by 1326val).


Paul S.:
like most of us, I have parted with so much over the last few years  -  us mere mortals can't hope to keep it all.
In the main I don't lay awake at night sobbing over these dear departed pieces - but just now and again I shed a small tear for something  -  and deco inspired designs like this Reich pattern give me just a twinge now and again  -  especially in satin uranium.            I'm sure the appeal of such things lies as much in the general sense that cultural art and design was a far greater vibrant part of life in the deco period, but is something that we no longer cultivate or find interesting.
I hope someone is giving it some tlc. ;)


Thank you all for the extra pics... I'm still trying to get stuff added to the GTS website but it's hard at the mo as I'm looking after my frail elderly Mum (she's 85!) pretty much full-time and still working at my day-job in between, when she nods off and after she goes to bed. Rest assured I'm amassing stuff, so when it does go onto GTS there will be loads to enjoy! :) x

 I have the ring holder of this set in pink clear, pink frosted,  green clear and green frosted.  And... I know now that I have to look for a blue frosted one....  Next monday I'll upload a photo. Bit lack of time.


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