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hoglund goblet?


Hi all,i hope i've added to my hoglund collection today,i've found one like it on the intoe and it seems on the face of it the same apart from the signed bit ,and other larger similar shaped pieces in amber,are signed on the outer rim of the base,mine is signed on the pontil.Also i'm not sure how the pontil is meant to look on goblets,this one is slightly raised,the signing itself looks right,H956/160, it feels the real thing with a good rich colour,thanks..why's there always candle wax in and on everything!!

Mod: Image rotated to make it stand the right way up - saves up getting cricked necks!

It looks fine, definitely an addition and not an impostor. ;D

Is it about 16cm tall?


thanks John,got to admit i'm well chuffed finding another of his and yes it is about 16cm..


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