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Molineaux and Webb celery vase Greek Key design c1864


Hi Everyone.  

I have this pressed glass celery vase by Molineaux and Webb , it has a barely legible registry lozenge though It is the earlier one , i asume it dates to 1864  , it is the Greek Key design .

It measures 10" high x 6" wide.

I was going to list it on ebay though have not seen good results for  Molineaux and Webb . I have not found another celery vase though, only plates and a trough !  
Are there collectors of  Molineaux and Webb , or should I go for pressed glass collectors or even celery vase collectors or just not bother at all ?? shipping wouldn't be that bad , eg , GB £7  
Any advice would be much apreciated , Kind Regards , Dave from Ireland.

It's a magnificent item. Celery vases seem to be quite desirable. Who knows? I'd probably list it on rather than and if you think you can keep the parcel safely below 2kg offer to ship worldwide. Make sure you include all the key words, as in your text below. Good luck


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