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Franco Toffolo surface decorated caithness vase


my newest piece of caithness one off's, i nice small vase measuring 4" high, it was made by Franco Toffolo, was this vase done in a paperweight cane mould? i've not got the caithness weight book so i can't tell. information on who made it came from Allan Scott, cheers Al

Interesting. One more for the Caithness catalogue.

Where is all their standard production glassware?

    Ray asked me to post what I found out about this vase on the gmb.I asked Helen MacDonald about it and she remembers asking Franco to make this vase but he didn't follow her design exactly and he pulled the three tips over when he wasn't supposed to.This meant it was consigned to go to the shop and presumably a second sample was made the proper way to go forward to the design selection meetings.I believe it was formed in the same moulds as is used for the canes.Hope this is of interest to eveyone.


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