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Help on ID of this old pressed glass Goblet

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Any help on the ID of this glass , its looks like pressed glass and is very heavy for size over 600 gms , height 5.5 inches, looks to have a lot of age by the base , I did wonder it it could be American, its seem to be of very high quality if it is pressed glass and has quite a good ring

thanks for any help

Very interesting piece. Here in the US, this would be called Lacy Glass. It is mostly found in open salts and dates to about 1840. Now what is very interesting can be found in William Heacock's book 5000 open salts. On page 286  there is a reprint of a catalogue page of Launay, Jautin et Cie. Quoting "A French company distributing the glass of Baccarat, St. Louis and other lesser known glass houses. Many of these salts are similar to known American production." I would have to say that your goblet is probably of French manufacture. A good place to start anyway. Terry

Thanks Terry what you say makes a lot of sense and I would agree

Could not find the gothic sablĂ©e pattern goblet  in the Launay, Hautin & Cie. catalogue of 1841, so no confirmation. It could also be by Louis Zoude/ VSL around the same time - the pattern was not exclusive to a single maker.
You should be aware this pattern has been heavily reproduced in Indonesia in the last 20 years.

This makes for an interesting perspective on this goblet.
I had no idea Fenton was involved and Red Cliff is certainly new to me as well. Terry


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