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Help on ID of this old pressed glass Goblet

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Thanks for the accurate reference - the piece is indeed pictured in the 1837 Launay, Hautin & Cie catalogue Planche 54, including the circular foot with star.

Thanks Ivo and Glasswizzard for your help on the ID of goblet, how best do I decide ifs its is 1840 or a modern reproduction, in my veiw the goblet is very heavy for the size, I know bases of reproduction items can be made to look old ,  the base does seem to look very old, with what looks like genuine ware , has the goblet itself been reproduced in Indonesia

thanks roy

I just adding some more close up pictures to see if its help determine possible age


I would go for old not repro - the two halves of the mould look slightly different on the stem.

looks correct to me, you can not convincingly fake that amount of soft scratch.


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