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wanted walther and brockwitz

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hello still after a couple of pieces ,a Madonna for a friend don't want to let mine go ,would like a small blue Windsor , any amber Windsor ,a large clear Greta , a green Scmettling and a green bowl for ribbon girl ,also would like a brockwitz sealions I have 2 bowls ,also the  brockwitz vase  with the long budgie handles, this is a wishlist if you have anything let me know , REX

Hi, Got a boy riding a blue fish in bowl I know its not Walther or Brockwitz but  I thought I would mention it.
Do have a Brockwitz bowl with the ear handles and matching plinth.

Send me an email with what you want for it , I live in Australia so will have to be able to package and post ,  email is REXROB56@EHW.NET.AU all lower case  with the letters  , Thanks REX

Hello still after a couple of pieces , a large clear Walther Greta vase , a green Walther Scmettling ,any colour Walther Madonna and of course I still want a Brockwitz Sea lions even just sea lions I have a couple of bowls , I would like a green or blue Bagley pelican complete if possible , It has been very slow to get the last few pieces I would like any body got any ideas of where I can look to find them Thanks REX

Hi Rex
I'm going to some large fairs hopefully next week so will keep my eyes peeled for anything you may like.
I haven't really found anything big lately as I have been concentrating on Deco furniture.
Got chatting to a guy through a glass friend and he has seen Luna lamp so he is getting back to me.
When I go to the fairs I am taking some of my Walther bits with me to possibly swap or sell with some dealers as not having much luck on ebay its so rubbish at the moment.


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