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Kosta vase - Dates? Coded mark? Help please

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Just a brief note to let you know I am not related to my
knowledge. An American living in Sweden from Pennsylvania.

Hi Bill
I thought it unfair to compare Ellis Bergh to Vike Lindstrand as the latter,  was a generation on and benefitted preumably from the greater artistic latitude that the heady and boyant 50s market allowed.

What you have to say about the differences in marketing style between the two companies is very interesting. Can I presume that the lack of attention to designers at Kosta ceased once Lindstrand took over ?

I can understand commercially why a firm might wish to promote a house style and name recognition over that of individual designers. After all designers could leave and go to competitors  but to me it seems a very short sighted policy and as well as being counter productive in the short-term from what you say.

As to Kaj Franck, given your comment I'm puzzed that his own studio pieces (at minimum) seem to appear regularly as signed.

Bernard C:

Mine seems now to be missing the initial"1" of the pattern number, so I will have to move the design date to 1938.   All seem to be in this smoke slate blue colour, so the 1938 date would match Davidson's introduction of Smoke around the same time.

I now see where the "Kosta Boda" came from (see above).   It is yet another of those many confusing eBay categories.

Grateful thanks, Bernard C.  8)

Hi: It was not my intent to compare these two artists.
Actually, the tradition of letting artists have free time to experiment started at Kosta in the very early 1900's.
Kosta Boda management has promoted its artists along.
From Edvin Ollers to  Eric Hogland at Boda and now Bertil Vallien being the most well known in America of Swedish glass artists.
Kaj Franck, early in his career was quite vocal about not
having the artists name on their glass. It is amazing what age will do to one's convictions. I know mine are


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