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Identification on a couple of items


Hi everyone!  I went to a fantastic estate sale today and bought lots of beautiful glass, 11 pieces in all.  But here are two pieces that kind of have me stumped.  One is a pitcher which had enough grime on it to make be really think it might be old.  And the other piece is a vase which I think I've seen this pattern before but can't seem to place it correctly.  So any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Nancy



The pitcher is Hobbs Glass Co.'s No. 335 (called Hexagonal Block by collectors) with their gold etching decoration.  It was introduced in 1890.

The celery vase is Adams & Co.'s No. 86 (called Daisy & Button with Thumbprint by collectors) with amber staining.  It was likely introduced in the period 1885-87.


Wow!! What a pair of sparklers!  Lovely.  And Sid, what a mine of information, I had not heard of those glass companies, but have just had a look in Ivo Haanstra's Glass Fact file book and see they are USA based companies.  thanks for that.

Thank you Sid.  I thought the celery vase might be Buttons and Bows but I knew that was wrong, so now I'm glad to know that its Daisy & Button with a thumbprint.  I just fell in love with the pitcher and am so lucky that you knew what the pattern and maker was.  Thanks again!!!!  Nancy


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