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scandinavian glass ?

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Can anyone tell me anything about this, I think it is Scandinavian, it has two signatures Kumela and Jacob I think, why would it have two signatures?

I'd like a better photo of the item really...I can't see it very well.  

I was thinking it looked quite Italian...and then it made sense to me.   The Kumela signature looks correct, comparing it against one I have here, and the signature is by Armando Jacobino, Italian master glassblower who worked for Kumela in the late 50's.

I think the signature is for Armando Jacobino (1922-1970) worked for Kumela Riihimaki from 1959-1970.  :D

Edit: sorry Max, we posted at the same time. :lol:

Just looked it up for you, and thought you might like to know that Kumela stopped trading as Kumela in the early 70's. I have a bit of a soft spot for that company as it's no longer producing glass under that name.

Sorry to be so dumb was Kumela the glass works and where did it originate from and what do the initals before Kumela stand for, I loved this piece did I get a good buy for £30.00


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