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finland/sweden shopping trip

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A picture of the glass i brought back from finland this summer, although they were all bought in Sweden!!
The two hoglund pieces and the humppila sign are ok but i can not put a factory name to the purple item.the small round sticker has made in Sweden in blue on a silver background.Any ideas?
thank you.

Can we see some more photos of the purple vase including rim, base and sticker?

Your Hoglund bowl looks good in orange, a little harder to find in that colour than some I think.


thanks for your intrest john, the label is hard to capture on camera.
it is as described in the original posting.
allthough there is no signature to the piece it seems to be of re sonable quality.
thanks for looking

That is better, I can see it well but I am still clueless...

Is the label like this one?

Yes john that is exactly the one.I see from the note there that it is aseda glass,can this be taken as gospel?.
I have looked up aseda images and although some of the colours seem close i can not see a similar looking shape.
thanks for your intrest john and your hoglund collection looks superb.


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