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Definition of Amethyst in glass

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Amethyst or Purple ?
Are these two color names interchangable or not ?

Or is amethyst more of a plum color ?

Or does it depend on type of glass or maker ?

In the little competition I linked to on the Cafe board the correct answer for Amethyst was "Dark Purple" Who would agree with this definition ?

I like the definition (one of three) given by

--- Quote ---A moderate purple to grayish reddish purple.
--- End quote ---
Now that makes it really clear, doesn't it :?:


--- Quote from: "perotinus' web site" ---amethyst coloured cristal and semi cristal: its shades vary from dark violet (typical for "Czechoslovakian" production) to plumlike deep purple, the latter (with its discrete brownish hue) being characteristic for Belgian art deco cristal.
--- End quote ---

The question was after all, about Czec glass.
There is a great colour spectrum for amethyst on Peter's site too;

I always considered amethyst to be a rich plum colour.  :?

Amethyst glass is made using manganese as a colorant, and depending on quantity & cooking method you get a lighter or darker colour.
The confusion about dark amethyst comes from black glass which can be made via the iron (dark brown) or the manganese (dark amethyst) method (not counting the hyalith fully opaque variant).
Pale amethyst is amethyst too!

The base glass colour of most amethyst Carnival is actually a light pink.

The deeper shades are usually referred to as purple.

Then there's black amethyst - so dark you have to hold it to the sunlight to see the colour!

And Fiery amethyst which can appear crimson red.



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