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need help to identify a vase

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First of all id like to say what a great site this is, and how helpful and friendly everyone is. im so glad i found it.
Secondly i have a vase that has given me quite a headache trying to find out about it.
The vase is white glass almost like milk glass, but the outer part is like a soft red coloured jelly substance that is deeper in colour in some parts. hopefully i can put a pic on here to show you im just trying to work out how at the moment. any help would be gratefully received.[/url]

hope it worked

A picture of the base and rim would help and a larger pic of the vase too. It looks like a design is moulded in the base but how the red colouring was applied is not obvious.

Actually not glass but plastic lacquer over stoneware. What is even more disconcerting, if you hold it up to the light, the magic word "AVON" and the number "10" will appear on the bottom...

omg your right  :D. Thank you so much.  why is it i couldnt see that until you said i would ? there it is Avon. there is a heavy perfume smell to it and i thought it was maybe stored in perfumed drawer liner paper, so do you mean Avon as in the ding dong one ? Sorry to ask but this site is much better than scrolling through the web.


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