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Art Glass vase signed two rivers?

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I think this glass vase is signed two rivers? Does anyone have any info about the company or designer? Age?

I think it's just scratching under the signature but I'll try to get a better pic.

Canadian studio, no idea if they still exist or where based. Perhaps they registered the company name or you might find it in the Canadian crafts register.

Leni, it was just scratching under the signature.

Frank, thank you.

So how would I describe the interior of the vase? Is there a technical name for the way the thin hollow pieces of glass decorate the inside?

Here's two artists with similar styles:

Paul Manners: (1/2 down page)

Timo Sarpaneva: (bottom right).

Also saw a piece on Ebay just signed "Mavi" - so there's a few artists out there with similar technique.



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