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Scandi Bottle - Who Made Me?

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You'd be surprised at what kind of glass was used in very functional ways in its time - a lot of the very collectable designer-attributable hand-blown Holmegaard decanters were originally used by alcohol manufacturers to bottle their booze in for general sale. Occasionally ones with their original contents labels (and original contents!) come onto the market.

Like so, with this 1971 designed decanter by Hjørdis Olsson & Charlotte Rude for Holmegaard:

So why am I thinking Germany? Is it because it is halfway between Denmark and Italy?

Yes, we'll call it a German piece and call it a day.  Interesting to see on the Holmegaard piece that they advertised "Holmegaard" right on the cardboard box.  Obviously the bottle was meant to be re-used as a decanter when the contents were consumed.  Unlike a fine Bordeaux, though, strawberry liqueur doesn't appear to improve with age  :wink:  A little on the brown side.

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