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can anyone help with info on two millefiori pieces please

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Like Frank, I cannot view the images for the paperweight. Depending on how I use the URL - from this site or copied and pasted - I get the message "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" or "No Photos Avaliable, dreamticket2 has not enabled any public albums ...".

I assume the latter message cannot be correct because I can see the pics of the possible AVEM small vase.


I have a similar, but smaller, vase which may be one of the Chinese versions. It definitely has a ground base rather than the smooth unground finish. However, apart from that it is alsmost impossible to tell the difference between yours and mine in terms of the decoration style! If I get around to it (and if we get any decent daylight someday soon) I will post some images.

As for the paperweight that I cannot view, there is perhaps a clue in the description:

--- Quote --- haven't seen these wide millefiore before

--- End quote ---

I wonder whether "wide millefiori" means "large canes" and if so, it could be a regular Murano tourist-type item.


If the images of the paperweight were simply moved into the Mini Vase folder, that should solve the display problem.


--- Quote from: "Ivo" ---Here is the typical Chinese finish I was referring to.
--- End quote ---

Thank you all for your trouble.
I have placed all the pics in the one vase album now!
Just hope this works.
I have no idea why the second album  should be not working

The base of both pieces is polished ground and I checked some chinesepaperweights  at a fair yesterday so I do know now that mine is a better fine polished finish apart from a bit of shelf wear.
The dark jpg for the paperweight base used no flash and I reflected what light there was sin the room to bounce off the base to show where the pontil was broken deeply.
It is otherwise well polished -no grey.
Thank you

Hi Jean,

I can now see the paperweight photos - thanks for moving them.

Yep - it's a Murano - gift type. Typical large "very coggy" canes and typical coloured spatter ground. Often the ground has loads of aventurine bits and much less coloured blobs.

Can't say what period though. Same things seem to have been done from early 20th century to very recent.


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