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G Nyman or Kaj Franck ?

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Some of you may remember a 16 1/2 " Nuutajarvi Serpentine vase on Ebay  in March 2004 - clearly signed K. Franck, Nuutajarvi Notsjo, '53.

Well, there's another piece on Tradera at the moment:

It's the G Nyman mussel vase in amber - but signed K Franck Nuuttajärvi Notsjö -58.

I could understand someone accidentally signing Kaj Franck and not G Nyman, but also getting the date wrong, twice ?

I'd be interested for any thoughts, has me intrigued.


Hi taglog1,

It's very intriguing :? .

Here's another Nuutajärvi mark from '58.  
Although I'm no hand-writing expert, it *looks* to be the same hand. It's on  a well documented Kaj Franck design - here's the whole thing:

As far as I know, Gunnel Nyman designs where manufactured by Nuutajärvi well into the '50s, although I'm unsure until when. The earlier pieces usually have the acid painted signatures, used upto c. 1952.

Maybe a mistake in the factory?   :?

The other thing is Humppila copied some Gunnel Nyman designs - I have their version of the Serpentine vase, with humppila marks.

Yes, I've got the humppila serpentine, and another one I think is a Nuutajarvi derivate
I don't think they made bigger Serpentine vases but happy to learn otherwise.

The signatures look genuine to me, and consistent with the dates (not acid marked, as you say).

I've been through my database for boh bits, and the latest dates for serpentine dates I've seen is 55, and 54 for the mussel vase - does anyone know how long they were sold for with G Nyman's name on ?

Gunnel Nyman died in 1948
Kaj Franck joined NN in 1950 - prior to that he was working for iittala.
He bacame artistic director of NN in 1968.

Bill Geary notes in,537.0.html that
--- Quote ---Kaj Franck, early in his career was quite vocal about not
having the artists name on their glass.
--- End quote ---
This only deepens the mystery I'm afraid.... :roll:
and no year mentioned on this one

taglog, my serpentine is the same as yours!

Modernes Glas aus Finnland has an example of a 42cm Serpentine signed G. Nyman Nuutajärvi Notsjö -58. It also gives the production dates as 1949-1958.

There is also a GN25 (shaped like the sepentine, but with controlled bubbles & a coloured interior) dated -56, production dates 49-58. The other examples all have production dates to -54. Unfortunately the mussel vase isn't included  :roll:

So it's possible the mussel vase was made in -58.

--- Quote from: "paradisetrader" ---and no year mentioned on this one
--- End quote ---

It reads as if this one has one of the earlier acid painted marks, which often are very worn, especially the date bit!



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