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Kristalunie Vaseline Vase ??


Thanks to Pamela who sent me the link for the german press glass website, I was just having a quick look through when I found a Vase similar to what I found at a carboot a couple of weeks ago, the vase was by Kristalunie Maastricht which I had never heard off,   is my bowl by Kristalunie Maastricht and are they collectable ?, the bowl weighs over 1.5 kgs and stands 6.5 inches tall


Yes and no. Yes Maastricht is collectible, no your vase is not from Maastricht. It is the wrong colour, it has the wrong finish and the wrong shape. Jay has the Maastricht book - Jay over to you.

check under Holland there is a Rozendaal designed ball vase in green.

Hi all. Yes the one on Pamela's site is from Maastricht Kristalunie.
The one on the picture isn't! (IMHO)

Maastricht did try all sorts of shades of green in the post war period, but I don't recognise any of them in the photo (is the photo a good representation of the colour?).
If the weight is as stated, this weighs too much, as well!

I can only offer my own site on the subject, since there is nothing else available in English. (but see my links page if you speak Dutch, etc).

I don't recall this form/design from any of the literature, and it doesn't look quite right for Rozendaal in terms of design style and proportion. This foot does not feature in the usual designs. (though I admit there is a certain margin of error in saying this).
If the rim has been flame-finished (feels 'round') then I'm pretty certain you can exclude Maastricht as a possibility. (Maastricht of this period would have a ground edge on this shape)

I don't think it will be possible to attribute this one with certainty. Probably we are thinking of Germany or Bohemia in the post 1955 era, but there are too many candidates to be sure of anything more.
Patricia and I have a small 'list' of similar items which we are inclined to attribute the German factory Sussmuth, but we are being somewhat speculative with this suggestion.

Similar designs/styles were common and the staff who made themj moved around Europe a lot in the post-war period.


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