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Lovely as they are, collectors need to be aware that these are turning up on Ebay described as Loetz and even some with spurious signatures I believe.

Indeed he should be proud of his work and I can see a day when these will be collected in their own right.

Truly it looks like real quality and I wouldn't mind owning some. Terry


These are gorgeous! I can't find any way of buying them, though!
I have a piece of this glass, and it is signed by the artist.  It's very well made, and the craftsmanship is high quality, but someone experienced in Loetz wouldn't be fooled by a Muller piece IMO.

Most of it is signed from what I've seen, but I believe some unscrupulous individuals are resigning them as Loetz   :evil:

The only place I've seen to purchase these is on eBay.



--- Quote ---resigning them as Loetz
--- End quote ---

Ok that's what must have happened. Thanks for that Brian.

We have a lot more inexperienced collectors here Brian (me included).
I would easily be fooled by these but unlikely to pay Loetz prices  - so that keeps me "safe"  :D
Going by the amount of stuff headlined as Loetz on Ebay I would be careful but even I could be tempted by a piece that looked the real deal at below the going rate (whatever that is).

Yes these look very well made and I wouldn't say no to a piece just because it was recently made. It fascinates me though that you should have a piece, Brian !
For comparision ? Just becuase you just like it ?


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