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I have, what appears to be, a light blue glass pickle dish with a silver metal banded holder and handle, the only identifying mark on it, on the bottom there is a very small triangle with the letter c inside, any ideas? Thanks

C in a triangle is the mark for Cambridge Glass, OH, USA, 1920-1954. Is the mark on the glass not the metal? Posting a picture of the item and the mark would help to confirm. Adding your location to your profile can also help in identifying glass, as it sometimes gives a starting pint. Sometimes it's a red herring of course :lol:

Yes, the mark is on the bottom of the glass. Here are 2 photo's, one of the dish (not exactly sure what kind of dish to call it) and one of the triangle with the "C". Thanks
P.S.  I served my guests slices of cheese in it today  :*)

That certainly looks like the Cambridge C. This site might help you identify your dish, Chesse slices is as Krafty  use as any :lol:  :oops:

Cambridge Decagon in Moonlight Blue made from 1930s-1940s.

You don't mention the size but if it is 9 inches long, then it is a pickle dish.

If that isn't the dimension, then tell me what it is and I will look it up.



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