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"You mean that lump of melted glass!!!!"


Yes, that's the one dear! You're better at negotiating with that lot than me, they see me coming!

The lump in question is - I think - a small Mdina sculpture, although it's unsigned. Can anyone confirm please? Sue? Any idea of production period as well? Click to enlarge. Thank you. 5 inches, tall flat(ish) back and ground base.

Perhaps more a case of turning a failed vase into something with no purpose other than to sell :?

:D  :oops:  :D

Sorry I didn't pop in earlier - I thought the title was going to be about a paperweight, (which I suppose it is-ish!).
Anyway, yes, I'd say it was Mdina. Lesley Jackson says that Isle of Wight Studio Glass did these, trailing molten glass on the marver in 1976, and I have seen a few. However they were definitely done at Mdina because I have a huge one, signed by Michael Harris. I also have a few of these little bookend-y ones, marked Mdina.

David E:
I have a few of these weird-o things as well. Some I thought were IoW as the colours were sandy/brown, but I have a blue/green one that I assumed was Mdina.

Mtarfa also produced 'Cobra' vases that look very intestinal, of course!

 I have seen them before described 'ribbon sculptures.' Sounds more enticing than intestines! All of them have been in these Mdina colours, but not all of them have been signed.
 It looks like Mdina to me though!


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