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Royal Brierley

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A very nice person got this for me for my birthday. Such a lovely present and I am thrilled with it. Mod: link dead

My question would be, when was this made. I really know nothing about Royal Brierley, but would put this with my best studio art glass. Terry

I have its twin, Terry. And several others in different colours and shapes. They were purchased during the mid 1990s.

I love them all - beautiful objects.


Hey that's a coincidence, I bought a piece of blue Royal Brierley today and was going to post a picture here this evening.  I'll do it anyway and post it here in this thread if that's OK with the originator?

Pip, please post yours, I wanna see. Thanks Glen for the date info, bet yours are spectacular. Terry

All but one of my vases are marked with the label ROYAL BRIERLEY Art Glass. The script Royal Brierley is in blue. One other vase has the label like Terry's (red script) and it says Handmade in Britain.

I have three in the same shape as yours, Terry. The red one, also a bright cobalt blue and a dark, almost black colour.

Then I have the same bulbous shape, but in a tiny little vase (three colours - bright red, darker crimson and blue).

The other shape is the amphora - in two sizes and three colours

Are all iridised. They're all rather special to me as they were bought by my daughter over a number of years.  :oops:



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