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Been trying to dig up more on RB'y studio,so far not much,Catherine Hough answered me saying that after setting up in 1978 she did her own 'thing' then moved on and presumed the studio closed so had no more information.I did have a very interesting phone call from Arlon Bayliss,ma,RCA (Professor at Anderson University,Indianapolis )
who was senior lecturer at Stourbridge college of art,he told me about the Harris family,numerous other glassworkers inc' Jane Beebe,Jill Devine and Bill Davies.
    He worked with David Williams when the 'Foundry'  studio was set up using old equipment from the Stevens & Williams factory,1983,spent 10 years,I think he said,designing for Rosenthal then moved to the States.
      I'm still waiting to hear from a few other sources,if anything new comes to light....I'll be back ! 8) ;D ;D

I'm wishing you all the best of good fortune getting this all sorted and worked out Keith.  8)

Thanks Sue,it's really hard finding anything considering how recent it was, ;D ;D

Mdina was the same, in 2000.
No info. anywhere, until Lesley Jackson made a mention of it in the Isle of Wight section of "20th Century factory Glass"(published in 2000)
I found one b&w thumbnail image in an ancient Miller's guide.
And it was not a typical piece.

Folk do not realise they are making history as they are working - nothing gets written down... ::)

I might put  a letter in the local paper,Black Country Bugle,and ask if any of the readers worked there or know of anyone that did,I've seen this work before so I'll give it a go,who knows what might turn up, ::) ::) ;D ;D


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