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Heard from Dartington,they said " A substantial amount of archive material was sold off by the receiver to obtain cash"  so where it is now?they also suggested contacting Andy Mc Connel and Mark Hill,next on my list I think!

Way back in these posts someone mentioned a 'funny little vase' with flowers,guess what I just picked up ?

flying free:
No idea when this piece was written but was written by Catherine Hough for Plymouth College of Art and entitled
'Catherine Hough
A Personal View of the Development of Studio Glass in the UK'
Within that piece there is a paragraph (third one down on first page) that mentions Catherine being Artist in Residence for two years at Royal Brierley Crystal:

'Royal Brierley Crystal
As a furnace in the early 70’s was basically a box of bricks with a burner in the side glass
quality varied enormously. (See Ray Flavell’s 1974 book ‘Studio Glassmaking’.) For the
cutting, enamelling and electro-plating that I was experimenting with on my blown forms
this was not entirely helpful, so Keith arranged for me to use a spare bench at Royal
Brierley when they did an over- time shift from 6 till 9 on Saturday mornings. This lead
to a fascinating two year stint at the factory as an artist in residence after finishing
college and ...'


Hello m, hadn't seen that, I'm still working at this and still waiting for a number of replies including one from someone who worked there for the final ten years and actually 'turned off the lights' when they closed down. The article I did for the local paper generated absolutely nothing so I might post them a few letters asking if any readers worked there or know of anyone that did, been at this nearly a year now, must try harder!  ;D ;D

Just to add to these posts, it seems that the 'Studio' range started as Mark Hill said sometime during 1986 or just after and finished in 1999/2000. I recently had an email from the man who ran Royal Brierley after Epsom Enterprises and prior to the Dartington buy out, he said although they had some old stock of 'Studio' ware none was made while he was there, so that's the sum of around 2 years research, not really a book in it yet  ::) ;D ;D


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