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Any chance of pics Glen ?

There's a iridescent atomiser shown at great Glass signed Royal Brierley Studio and dated as c 1970s
#7287 near the bottom of page

I sold an unsigned one of these least it looked the same from this photo. From  memory it had a similar jagged edge pattern of irridescence to Terry's piece.

About half way down on the same page at Great Glass there's a signed Royal Brierley Studio iridescent flower-bowl c 1980.

I'm just wondering about the significant of the signatures and the "Studio" appelation.

Here you go Terry - it's 8.5in/22cm tall, has the same surface pattern as yours and is etched to the base with 'Royal Brierley Studio'.  It does unfortunately have a small dink to the rim but I'm not hugely bothered it looks lovely on display...

whitefriars 007:
Link showing a brief history of Royal Brierley glass


This below is the only info I have ever found.

Royal Brierley Studio glass was set up by Catherine Hough around 1978 in an attempt by Royal Brierley to appeal to new buyers who shunned the traditional cut crystal. It lasted until around 1982.

Hope this helps.


I believe the unsigned pieces to be factory seconds.


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