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Id of Signature on Pink Iridescent Art Vase


Any help please on signature of this nice pink irdescent art vase it is also dated 1989, it was one of 3 vases from the Car Boot at Ford in west sussex a couple of years ago the other 2 being by Peter Layton and Charlie Meaker, I have had no luck myself on ID of this piece other than I think it might be alady but only guessing

roy (mhgcgolfclub)

Hi Roy, looks German to me because of the word 'von'
Carin von Drecker or something - just guessing  :oops:  

Carin von Drehle ?

Peter Layton is also mentioned on this link

Pat, that's great - I'll bet (never betting anyhow  8) ) it's Drehle


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