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Loetz, Tiffany or ?

Hi Everyone,
I bought this interesting little vase from a fellow in Amsterdam (pictures below).
I'm not sure if it's a Loetz piece or not (that's what it was advertised as).
It is a nice quality little vase (it's all of 2.5" tall) - gold iridescence with green pulled tadpoles, and the midsection body of the vase is threaded with white glass.  The base has a nicely polished pontil, and has an engraved number (which may mean absolutely nothing) of "o4063".  The glass is nice and thin, not clunky and thick like the new knock-offs, so whatever it is, I do believe it to be an older piece.
Anyone have any ideas  :?:

Wow, that was fast!  I've been advised by a Tiffany dealer & collector that this is a Tiffany piece!  :D

I'd still love to hear what others thoughts are.  

The more I look at it, the more the Tiffany attribution seems correct, it just doesn't have that Loetz likeness to it IMO.


Mike M:
Sorry doing this from memory

The preceding 'o' helps you date it - very roughly they got through 2 letters a year and I think A started in 1894 -so your vase is 7-8 years after that ie about 1906 and definitely LC Tiffany: a beaut!



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