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Carnival glass unknown + Curved Star

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Hello there.  8)

Do you know who made this? It has a diamond near the rim and a diamond near the foot too. It's 8cm high.

I think this is a "Curved Star" pattern by either Brockwitz, Eda or Karhula? Also, is it a suger or a compote? It's 12cm high.

Thanks for listening and any comments welcome.  :)

The first item is known as "Blocked Diamond" and is the bottom half of a mustard or honey/jam pot. The lid has a hole in for the spoon handle. The maker has not yet been confirmed, but is undoubtedly European.

The other item is a "Curved Star" open sugar bowl. It can also be used as a comport. Who made it? With absolute certainty I say Brockwitz of Germany. I have researched and written a lot about this pattern, and the different makers of it in my books.

The Brockwitz patern name was "Zurich" - however, Carnival collectors found and named the pattern long before the Brockwitz patterns came to light. So "Curved Star" it is.


Hi Tiger,
joining Glen, as further information: this 'Z├╝rich' bowl appears in Brockwitz catalogue of 1915 as item # 22313 Zuckerschale  14 cm

It is not mentioned whether diametre or height neither here (12) nor there (14)  :?

Normal convention is height for vases and diameter for bowls. But there are exceptions to the rule.

Pamela - these Curved Star aka Zurich stemmed sugars are all 12 cm high (approx). The 14cm measurement is the diameter across the open top.

Although the Curved Star aka Zurich range appears in the Brockwitz 1915 catalogue, it is currently not proven that the sugar was made in Carnival at that time. Other shapes in the pattern certainly were made in Carnival in 1915 though - for example, the Curved Star cylinder vase.



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