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RUMMERS A Social History Told In Glass


 HI ,
           I thought i should bring this new publication to the forums attention,having got my copy at the Cambridge fair and been glued to it since I would recommend that any one with a general interest in antique glass this is one to add to the library and for those with a special interest in Rummers it is a must have. As far as I am aware this is the first book on the subject that has gone into such great depth with regard the development of the Rummer both plain and engraved with many superb illustrations.So far (still a bit to go) it is an easy read and very well presented.

Written and Published by Timothy Mills( ISBN978-0-9926096-0-3) a long standing exhibitor at Englands premier glass fairs who can be contacted here

cheers ,

Hi everyone

Thanks Peter for your kind comments.
If anyone would like to order a copy they can get details at my website



Paul S.:
My copy delivered today, and pix are superb and looks to be an easy and interesting read...........and, unlike some, it's light enough to read in  the bath.
Having been personally guilty of mis-understanding the cause of the 'Y' and 'T' marks on the underside of many later C19 lower grade examples of drinking glass, it appears I wasn't alone in being in error.
Having read very briefly some of the picture captions, I notice that Tim Mills states that these marks were the result of the use of the gadget (rather than the shears as Peter has indicated).       "Beneath the foot is a gadget mark in the shape of a Y.    This was left by a mechanical rod used to grip the foot, being a replacement for the pontil iron."

My only other casual observation (since I've not yet read the book  -  I have to wait until bath day), and being interested in pressed glass, would be that I'd like to have seen greater coverage of pressed material from the second half of the C19.              However, perhaps Tim has that in mind for his second volume :)



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