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I have put up a little page with some Pirelli animals on it. The first two have labels. I think they may both be of interest to Frank. If so I would be happy to shoot some better images for you if you wish.
    I would be pleased to hear if you think that either the ducks or the blue bird might have been made by Pirelli.
This is a link to the images.
Thank you.

Hi Lisa,

Yes please on the dog and peacock, side view and one that shows at best.

Cannot be sure of the others, they have some fatures similar, are the eyes 3 or 2 colour?

I am just waiting on new lights being delivered and will then be doing a major Pirelli update!

Really rare Pirelli but also avidly sought after by Guinness collectors - hence the price.

David E:
£320 - flip me! I must start looking out for these :shock:

I saw those and wondered what they'd fetch. Presume they'd go for more on ebay


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