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Hi everyone, firstly I'm very glad to hear those of you that met up yesterday had such a great time - I look forward to meeting up with you the next time!

Secondly, on one of my forays to junk and charity shops today I bought this lovely little piece of crystal - it's about 3 inches tall and is signed underneath what I know now is Val St Lambert.  I have to confess this is not an area I know anything about - I just thought it was a lovely thing and it only cost me a few pounds.  Now having looked in my glass ref books I know who made this but internet research is throwing up conflicting information about it's age, the designer and an approximate value.  Can anyone here offer any info?  Thanks in advance as always, Pip.

Very nice, I expect 1930's.

First refusal please

hmmm <raised eyebrow>

Nice piece Pip.  The only pieces of VSL I've come across in junk/charity shops has been clear crystal and not very interesting.  :?

Very similar designs but no match in 30's cats. Change of style by the 50's.


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