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That's helpful Frank - so we can deduce it's post 30's but pre 50's.  Without knowing anything about it earlier I thought it looked 30's or 40's - but what was confusing me was the attribution to a similar piece on an American site which said 1960's!

I don't have all the cats. 1924-61 about 6 so I just compared overall style. There are some very close in 1933

Well that's ever so sweet of you to look in them - much appreciated.  I'll keep looking online and if I find out anything I'll post it here.

Hey Max - at least you've HEARD of VSL before - I'm a complete novice when it comes to glass pre-1950's (and some would argue post-1950's too!).  Luckily though, the things I tend to like and therefore buy seem to be (on the whole) nice pieces that I have little trouble shifting.  I don't think this little beauty will sit around too long once I eventually get around to selling it! (Frank, I'll let you know first as promised)  :wink:


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