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Merletto, another Harrtil?????

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Hi, Paul,
size please, as I have a pattern number moment coming on..... :lol:


--- Quote ---Think of the work to get that intricate internal netting effect, then the coloured streaks, which do seem rarer as most Harrtil I see is clear glass
--- End quote ---


The fibres in Harrtil are woven glass -fibre, rather than individually created works. Heat, pulling, teasing apart of individual pieces of glass, gives a multitude of possibilities, which the five designers I told you about, envisaged, as a source of massive potential for innovative design. I recently saw, (last couple of days) a piece described as Harrtil, which was not, too regimented, none of the fibre patterns I recognise as Czech, and therefore merletto....
no additional colours...

Be  aware though, that not all Czech Harrtil has a flint background. I have a stunning large exemplar, in an orange/rose. I suspect Smrckova for Chribska, but despite repeated enquiries in three languages, over two years, never once have I had a response, or confirmation.

Lovely items, a joy to visualise how they were made, and whatever, they will be worth, should be collected for beauty's sake rather than value.



Thanks Marcus

As always an inspiration, the glass fibre fuses in such an amazing way it feels so intrinsic to the glass object

Your coloured glass (non flint) Harrtil sounds fantastic, maybe it will be up for viewing on your website in the near future.

You are especially right about appreciating the beauty of many post war Czech items. I do think it is a compliment in a way when they stand side by side price wise with their contemporaries - it is about time.

Adam P

btw Marcus - could this be Czech?

Polished flat base - feels totally hand blown with applied tears - gradiates upwards to a lovely green - 8.5" high and nearly 2k in weight


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