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Large Bowl/Vase Scandinavian? Kaj Franck Nuutajärvi?


I love all Glass:
Large Bowl/Vase Scandinavian? Kaj Franck Nuutajärvi?

Not a subject I know much about, seen similar Kaj Franck designs, the stem and base are a really nice golden yellow, bowl appears clear, but I think is also golden(just thinner glass). It is quite large at 20cm tall and 18cm at widest on a 11cm base, and pretty heavy. any ideas please, thank you   Simon

It is not impossible as Franck has designed several items in this particular mushroom shape - but unable to confirm that this is one of them. The colour does look unfamiliar, the size is on the tall side. 

Looks very much like one of  the sargasso shapes without the bubbles!!!!!????
hope someone turns up a positive i/d

Not Franck.  I listed a similar piece on this board about a year ago. If you can find it, read the comments.


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