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Lovely Shape - but was is it please


Smashing crystal doo-dah - wot-knot - thingy.  Nice straw mark across it, very thick and stands just over 5.5", darn heavy too

Had a good mooch around the net and can't seem to find out what it actually is.  Dessert glass maybe helpppppppppppppppppp!!


Looks like EAPG in one of the loop patterns. You say it is heavy, could be flint glass then. Does it ring like a bell? This is a goblet too by the way. Terry Hope this helps.

fllint glass, heard of that, but what actually is it.  Does definitely chink, quite a chunky piece too


I don't understand "does definitely chink".  In North America, flint means "lead containing glass" that rings like a bell when it it tapped. No clunk, just a beautiful long resonating ring.

Looking at your goblet, the stem is pretty big so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't originate at one of the UK factories.  Even more likely if you are located in the UK.



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