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Thomas Webb decorated Queen’s Burmese Ware vase, RD 86246, 5 November 1887.

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A small posy vase by Thomas Webb & Sons Limited, Stourbridge; 6cm high x 7cm diameter. Acid etched on the underside of the base ‘THOS. WEBB & SONS | QUEEN’S BURMESE WARE | PATENTED | RD 86246’.

Sides decorated with oak leaves and acorns.

(Permission for the re-use of these on the GMB images granted by stripyzeber).

The unique feature in this design registration was ‘Shape – for a particular form of edging).

Webb also registered a design for a design for a different edging shape on 5 September 1887, RD 80167, and examples of decorated Burmese Ware with that edging shape have been discussed on the GMB at,2591.msg282439.html#msg282439

These two Webb design representations are shown on page 272 of Mervyn Gulliver’s “Victorian Decorative Glass…”.

Gulliver shows design representations for other rim shapes or crimps:
RD 390103, 17 November 1882
RD 390104, 17 November 1882
RD 10277, 25 July 1884.

Does anyone have photos of marked examples from these three registered designs, please?

Dilwyn Hier mentions acid-marked Webb Burmese pieces from their RD 67648, (which should have been registered in February 1887).
indicates that it refers to a rim crimp shape seen on a (presumably marked) fairy lamp, (and dates the registration date to 9 February 1887) but I can’t find anymore information about the details of this design registration, or photos of pieces so marked. Can anyone help, please?


Paul S.:
can't help with your requests in general Fred.      I do have pix of the rims in question, from The National Archives, for Registrations Nos. 390103/104, but since you can see these in Gulliver you may not have a need for them.
The Register says - of both Nos., simply  -  "Rim or lip of glass bowls and vessels."

I shall be at Kew some time in the next 7 - 10 days, so if you have something from this matter for which a picture would be of interest, remember to add to the 'Look Up' requests.

Some of this Burmese ware looks so good you could almost eat it.        I've just bought Kenneth M. Wilson's first volume covering Mt. Washington & Pairpoint Glass, and some of the Burmese he shows is stunning.

Not sure if i am way off the mark with what you are discussing.
In the ray and lee grover book, English cameo glass there seems similar edge detail on some of the thomas webb vessels.
hope this is of some use.

Paul S.:
not way off at all, and is additional information to the use of this rim design as Registered by Thomas Webb, and which Fred was discussing in relation to Burmese ware only.                  Your comments show that these wavy edges, forming a specific shape, and which were designs Registered with the British Board of Trade by Thomas Webb, were used by them not only on their Burmese Wares, but on their cameo products as well.  :)

Thank you, essi and Paul.

I don't have access to the Grover English cameo glass book, but it is valuable information for me to be able to confirm the type and range of wares Thomas Webb produced using the various registered designs for the rim shapes/crimps.

Are the cameo glass examples marked with RD numbers?



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