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I AM STUMPED! I got this from a collector of all vintage amethyst glass who says it Heisey and it definitely has the mark - but I don't recognize this color as Heisey. Any ideas? It is gorgeous in person, tried to get pics - Thanks![/img]

This has me stumped as well. I have dealt with a lot of Heisey over the years and this piece is not familiar at all, nor is the color. I will run it by a couple of Heisey experts I know and see if they recognise it. Terry

I have been given an answer to this mysterious pc. I have been told that this is a #351 Priscilla pattern mustard bottom made by Heisey with an unknown cutting. The color however was achieved by a strong bombardment of Ultraviolet radiation, beyond what the sun will do. Serious Heisey collectors consider the piece destroyed since the color was achieved artifically. There have been threads here before about sun purpling of glass and here we have an example of man made sun purpling so to speak. Terry

I like the colour and the cut, but can't understand why the colour is achieved by such artificial means.

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