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Can someone please help me with this piece


Hello, i'm wondering if someone can help me regarding this piece I recently inherited. I have attempted to search the Internet and it failed to produce any results on this piece. I have also asked some experts but they cannot provide me any clear information. I would like to know the date when this piece was done. This piece about 30 inches tall, and I have the certificate for it have a included  Any assistance you guys can offer regarding the information and potential price for insurance purposes will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much I look forward to hearing any insight you guys can offer this piece. Thank you again

she cannot be THAT difficult to find....

Welcome to the board. Ulrica has her own website here: - if you select Gallery > Glass from the drop down menu you will see a piece in the same style as yours. There is also a Contact link on the site, so it may be worth dropping her a line and asking for more information from her directly. Good luck!

Thank you very much :)

A lovely example of her work.



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