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Carnival by chance?

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6x6 cm miniature

:D :shock: :D

Surely that's not Carnival - it looks more lustre!

But it does look a bit Chancey! :lol:

Is it Carnival? Could be. Carnival is lustre glass too - depends on your definition. Here's the definition I prefer (I am quoting from my thread "Is it Carnival or is it iridised Art Glass?",2788.0.html

--- Quote ---Carnival Glass is iridised (press) moulded glass, featuring a pattern.

I have deliberately placed the press of press moulded in parenthesis. Some Carnival may be blown into the mould (this is the case for some bulbous articles). But the glass must be moulded - must be iridised - and should have some sort of pattern. That is the intrinsic definition for Carnival.
--- End quote ---

Ivo, your piece appears to be moulded and is certainly iridised. Is there any pattern or is it totally smooth/plain? 


it is completely plain, no trace of a pattern, same as all glass made by the USBent glass/ Chance/ Flamingo school. Of course it could be Leinauer Pfauenauge, it has that sheen, but wasn't that considered OTT fringe carnival?

LGW does fall into a Carnival category - but then the pieces so far seen have all had very strong patterns. Is the base glass clear? That could indicate LGW.

It's a kinda border-line Carnival Glass piece really. And very nice too!



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