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Carnival by chance?

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6x6 cm miniature
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David and I looked at a set of these on eBay recently and we agreed they are not Chance. They are quite small - 6cm (approx 2.5") as well. We have no idea as yet who made them as the boxed set above on eBay has no indication of maker.

Looking at the four dishes in the eBay auction makes me think more along the lines of LGW's Pfauenauge and Kaleidoskop again. And of course, if they were LGW pieces they would have been made by another glass company and then iridised (as blanks) by LGW (Leinauer Glaswaren in Bavaria).

For info on LGW


:D :shock: :oops:

Shame we can't see the design on the box!

LGW (brain not in gear reads Lustre Glass Ware).

I may be some time........


--- Quote from: "Glen" ---LGW (Leinauer Glaswaren in Bavaria)
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It's Leinauer GlasWaren. You can read about them in the article I wrote via that url I gave.

In essence, the maker of the glass is not the same firm as the iridiser of the glass. LGW bought in blanks from other companies and iridised the items. I bought a gorgeous vase a few weeks ago which is LGW iridised on what is possibly a Cristal d'Arques "blank". I'll try and get a photo sometime (I'm a bit rushed today).



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